Audubon Middle School Limitless Initiative

  • August 1, 2016 at 12:00 am
  • 4120 11th Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90008
  • Open
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Audubon Middle School and Gifted Magnet Center is an urban middle school located in Los Angeles, California serving 1,150 students grades 6-8. ¬†Audubon was activated by understanding the importance of computer science for all in daily instruction. The principal at Audubon Middle School created an elective upon hearing the great work that LAUSD teacher Valerie Doby did as a volunteer with the Limitless Academy. Audubon Middle School has a daily course in robotics and began their activation in September of 2016 to students in the 7th Grade. Student subgroups are primarily African-American, Hispanic, students with disabilities, socioeconomically disadvantaged and second language learners. Audubon Middle School’s mission is to effectively educate students for participation in a 21st century global economy and provide the technological skills needed for the production of work; world languages for effective communication and critical thinking skills.

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"Our students are working on changing the world."